Why Cyber Security?

As technology becomes more and more deeply integrated into our professional and personal lives, we’re increasingly vulnerable to cyberattack. Now, more than ever, we need a workforce capable of foiling cyber threats from around the world.

Indiana is uniquely poised to confront this challenge. Founded through a partnership between military, business and higher education leaders, the Muscatatuck Cyber Academy immerses students in the nation’s most realistic cyber-physical training environment.

The Muscatatuck Cyber Academy is a joint operation, launched by the Indiana adjutant general’s office, National Center for Complex Operations, Inc., and Ivy Tech Community College. The program’s inaugural class begins August 2018. Indiana residents and current military personnel are eligible to sign up for the program. Certain individuals may qualify for financial assistance through the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs or through state and federal aid.

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Muscatatuck Cyber Academy students can:

    • Earn an accelerated Cyber Security/Information Assurance associate of applied science degree from Ivy Tech Community College – Columbus (ITCC), an 11-month, 60 credit hour program. ITCC has the ability to modify up to 20 percent of its course curriculum to meet emerging military requirements and needs for cyber-military occupational specialties.


    • Participate in exclusive training and testing events in Muscatatuck’s multi-domain environment (land, maritime, air, human and cyberspace), which will provide students opportunities to conduct integrated and synchronized offensive and defensive cyberspace operations.


    • Earn highly sought-after, industry-leading certifications useful in both military and civilian careers, including A+, C-CENT and Security+.


    • Better position themselves, if in the Army, to attain one of the coveted slots in the U.S. Army’s Cyber Operations, military operation specialty 17-series program, by leveraging their Cyber Academy degree and certifications.


    • Embark on a career path in government agencies or global security companies—including companies right here in Indiana paying an average of more than $70,000 per year—by having opportunities to interact with those potential future employers during the program.


    • Develop helpful skills that are highly valued in military and civilian careers, including self-discipline, confidence, physical and mental fitness to perform under pressure, the ability to make quick decisions and the capability to bear numerous responsibilities simultaneously.


  • Students participating in the 11-month program study on the Muscatatuck Urban Training Center (MUTC) campus in southern Indiana, where everything from military training and development to prototype testing and evaluation occur regularly. MUTC, home to the Department of Defense’s largest urban training complex, includes infrastructure that integrates into the cyber academy’s curriculum.